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Production of medical equipment of new generation

For more than 25 years Neurotech Company manufactures both reliable and affordable medical equipment. Many specialists working in the field of neurophysiology are aware of the highest quality of our products and service maintenance. 

The main principle of Neurotech Company is to continue new products and technologies development process in order to deliver them to the customer in a very short time.

We are proud of our international projects. In the close partnership with our American friends, we are able to develop unique devices for regular users who want to control their health or affect it in a positive way.

New cloud solutions allow us not only storing the huge amount of daily indicators, such as EEG, ECG or EMG but analyzing them using the modern machine learning technologies. The main goal of such projects is to provide early diagnostic tools and forecast the patient's condition.

We never stop the process of development and evolvement, following the newest trends in the fields of medical and information technologies!

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Our mission

Developing and manufacturing the high-quality and convenient medical equipment; implementation of new IT standards in medical institutions; developing portable devices, wireless technologies, cloud storages and data processing, automated diagnostic, and mobile versions of software and apps.

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Biofeedback systems

The idea of biofeedback is to monitor a set of specific physiological indicators in the real time, and conscious control of such indicators using multimedia, gaming or other methods in the given range of values. BFB interface represents some kind of a "physiological mirror" that reflects all the hidden processes of the human body. Therefore, while undergoing a biofeedback treatment one can increase or decrease a specific physiological indicator, thus affecting the level of reconstituent activation of a specific system that is represented by the indicator.

Our products work in 4 modalities (EMG - motion correction and muscular contraction; EEG - brainwork and psychoemotional state correction; ECG - controlling the heart and the involuntary nervous system, breathing - relaxation skills training).

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The main function of the device is to support people during the botulinotherapy and provide BFB training. As a BFB training equipment MIST can be used to perform EMG BFB training of paralyzed and weak muscles (as a result of brain attacks, ICP, spinal brain and nerve stem injuries, Bell's palsy, posture problems etc.).

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Callibri mobile

The unique Callibri sensor is used to track and analyze EEG, ECG and EMG data. There's a special application for smartphones available, allowing the user to monitor heart activity and perform individual BFB training in order to correct motion (muscle) functions and the psycho-emotional state.

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Kinesis computer system allows perfroming the following actions:

  • psychoemotional correction based on the registration and analysis of EEG
  • supporting-motor apparatus training and muscular activity improvement based on electromyogram
  • correction of the psychovegetative state based on the heart rate parameters calculation.
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Callibri Biofeedback

This wireless BFB complex consists of four universal wireless Callibri sensors and Kinesis software. The device is supplied with disposable adhesive electrodes and the fixing band for EMG, ECG and breath control, as well as the special headband for EEG.

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Devices for electroencephalography are intended to measure the electrical activity of the human brain. Stationary devices are based on the classical EEG method. However, the real gem is our wireless portable device for 23+1 channels, which supports the continuous distant tracking (up to 12 hours) as at night (EEG-video monitoring), as well as during the day when the patient performs daily operations. The wireless device for encephalography is an irreplaceable device for the specialists working in the field of epileptology.

Devices for electromyography (EMG)

Devices for electroneuromyography manufactured by Neurotech Company offer the same or even the higher level of quality and technical characteristics as other devices produced in Russia and the majority of foreign devices. We constantly add new models and update our software following the actual trends in the field of neurophysiology.

Synapsis electromyograph

Synapsis is a four channel electromyograph (electroneuromyograph or myograph) that supports the full range of the most popular methods, which are used in the field of traditional electromyography:

  • epicutaneous, spicular and stimulation treatments
  • tracking ana analysis of the created potentials
  • stomatological techniques

Portable MIST tracking device

MIST is a multifunctional device for electromyography that is intended to perform the following operations:

  • register bioelectric signals of muscles
  • search target muscles and navigate the needle during the injection of botulinum toxins and anesthetics
  • BFB training of paralyzed and weak muscles
  • electrical myostimulation

Callibri complex

Callibri is a set of portable wireless sensors (up to 8 at the same time), which are used to register the electromyogram, simultaneously tracking the data from the gyroscope and accelerometer. It can be used in the following fields:

  • analyzing the state of the muscles during the free movement
  • sports medicine
  • tremor analysis 
  • kinesiographic studies
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Our partners

Our products and development are the results of the creative work od technical specialists, leading medical organizations of the country and medical practitioners.

We pay a lot of attention to the process of cooperation with our dealers and partners, offering the wide range of services and mutually beneficial forms of cooperation because our main task is to expand the market outlet for our products.

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