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Callibri Motion Corrector

Callibri Motion Corrector

Callibri Motion Corrector Callibri Motion Corrector Callibri Motion Corrector Callibri Motion Corrector Callibri Motion Corrector Callibri Motion Corrector

Modern high-tech system for the correction of drooping foot syndrome. Adaptive motion corrector has various modes of electrical stimulation, which will help activate the necessary muscles without leaving your home, without the help of a doctor. The software installed on your smartphone, designed specifically for easy management of the corrector.

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Electrical stimulation of muscles is one of the methods of physiotherapeutic action aimed at restoring the function of tissues, especially muscles and nerves after injury.

When electrostimulation of muscles, pulsed currents of different frequency and strength are used, with the help of which reduced trophic functions of nerve fibers are restored or improved the process of innervation of muscles and their contractility improves.

The principle of the system:

The principle of the corrector is based on stimulation by weak currents of the desired muscles of the upper or lower limbs, which cause their contraction. For example, in order to correct a disorder such as "hanging foot", at the time of the step, it is necessary to stimulate the peroneal nerve, causing a reduction in the anterior tibial and peroneal muscles that lift the toe or outer edge of the foot. When you do a hip lift, the intelligent sensor system inside the device controls the time and duration of movement in the phase of transferring the foot and sends impulses to the muscles of the fibular nerve, which raise the foot in the right phase of the step, preventing the foot from drooping.

All this leads to the correction of the pathological motor stereotype of walking and the formation of a new, as close as possible to the physiological one.

The correction device is fixed with a tape over the patient's knee, without causing any difficulties and discomfort when moving. Electrodes that provide stimulation, located on the anterior tibial muscle, which is responsible for the movement of the foot.

The advantages of the system:

  • compactness (sensor dimensions 55x35x15mm, weight not more than 30g);
  • convenience (control from a mobile phone);
  • status (registered as a medical device);
  • security (safe use at home);
  • multifunctional (additional modes of electrical stimulation).

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Software features

  1. Various modes of operation (motion correction mode, electrostimulation mode);
  2. The ability to manually select the stimulation parameters (current strength, frequency, pulse duration), which allows you to create an individual template for further training;
  3. Setting the required mode of electrical stimulation (electroanalgesia, relax, synapse, dynamic, deep, high-frequency, tonic);
  4. Installing an application to control the motion corrector for both the Android system and the IOS system.

Technical characteristics

Wireless sensor communication with a Bluetooth Bluetoth 4.0
The voltage generated by the internal power source 3 - 4,2 V
The amplitude of the current stimulating pulse 1 - 100 mA, step 1 mA
The repetition rate of stimulating pulses 1 - 200 Hz, step 1 Hz
The duration of the stimulating pulse 60, 100, 200 μs
Duration of continuous work at least 6 hours


1. Registration module (wireless sensor) (1 pc.)

2. Cuff for mounting the registration module (2 pcs.);

3. Cable for connection of disposable electrodes (1 pc.);

5. Charger (1 pc.);

6. Set of disposable surface electrodes (12 pcs.);

7. Operating instructions (1 set)