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User Agreement

User Agreement

The User hereby confirms that he/she transfers his/her personal data to Neurotech Company to be processed, and consents to processing thereof. The User has also been notified that his/her personal data will be processed by Neurotech Company on the basis of Federal Law No. 152-ФЗ dated 27 July 2006 “On Personal Data”. Neurotech Company is registered at the following address: Engels Street 4, Taganrog, Rostov Region, Russia, 347921. By entering his/her personal data into the form on the Website in the course of registration for the Event or placement of the Order, or into the Company's form on another website, the User gives his/her consent to personal data processing both with and without automated equipment.

1. The User gives the Company his/her consent to the processing of the following personal data: Full name; Contact telephone numbers; E-mail addresses.

2. The purposes of personal data processing are the performance of respective agreements by the Company as well as providing short messaging service in the form of the online chat and using the callback function.

3. The following actions will be taken when processing personal data: collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (update, modification), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, and destruction, performed both with and without automated equipment.

4. The User agrees and understands that it's prohibited to provide any information, which is not related to this agreement, as well as state, bank, and commercial secrets, as well as information about the race, political beliefs, religious and other beliefs, as well as about the health and the private life. 

5. In case if the User decides to provide any information to the Company, they are obliged to provide only real and trustful information. It's strictly prohibited to misinform the Company by providing fake information about your identity and the purposes of your communication.

6. The User agrees that the Company shall not check the received personal data, and has no way to check the transactional capacity of the User. The basic principle of the Company is that the User provides authentic information, keeping it updated all the time.

7. In case the User withdraws his/her consent to personal data processing, the Company may keep processing the personal data without the User's consent where there are grounds indicated in Federal Laws.

8. Consent to personal data processing by the Company may be withdrawn by the User by sending a written request to the Company's representative.