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Neurotech offers our customers a full range of training programs for the entire product range. Our specialists will find the best training center according to your needs and location.

PERSONAL TRAINING You can use Neurotech base in the city of Pyatigorsk to participate in personal training (can be organized on request).

Saint Petersburg Institute of Interdisciplinary Research

Weekly training courses for operators of EEG, EMG, BFB training systems, and complexes based on wireless Callibri sensors.

World Education Group

Practical training with Synapsis stomatological electromyograph.

Novichenko Medical Center

Training courses for MIST TENS electromyostimulator and Callibri dental system.

Anatomy Fitness Center

Callibri Sport training courses


MIST and kinesiological analyzer training courses.

  • Moscow, Marshala Rokossovskogo Boulevard, 6-1 (7th entrance, 4th floor)