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MIST TENS is a unique device of the last generation intended to be used for the treatment of the temporomandibular joint dysfunction and occlusion problems. The device is able to relax muscles of the head and the neck, restoring the neuromuscular path of the jaw bone. The muscle electrostimulation with extremely low frequency (TENS - transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is actively used in the field of neural stomatology and new gnathology, allowing to remove memorized reflex of the mastication muscles hyperfunction, restoring the genetically determined length, and relaxing muscles. 

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The efficiency of the device is based on the fact that muscles o the neck and the shoulder girdle are able to affect the position of the jaw bone and the occlusion. Doctors from all over the world are widely using TENS stimulation in order to erase memorized reflexes, restore the neuromuscular path, and register the neuromuscular center.

Unlike all other similar devices, MIST TENS offers 3 channels (3 pairs) for muscular stimulation, allowing relaxing them. Each pair has its own regulators of the power and the balance between the left and the right sides. 

The first pair stimulates the muscles of the craniomandibular system, thus electrodes are located over the trifacial nerve

The second pair stimulates the muscles of the shoulder girdle

The third pair stimulates the muscles of the first neck-bone

The device can be used in a single-channel and duo-channel modes. 

MIST TENS allows the following:

  • relax muscles and identify the neuromuscular occlusion
  • treat the temporomandibular joint dysfunction and related pains
  • remove symptoms cause with the muscle hypertonia
  • restore the genetically determined length of the muscle
  • correct occlusion
  • grind in premature contacts in the orthotic appliance, and both temporary and permanent dental crowns.

MIST TENS is required if you plan to restore the occlusion, treat the temporomandibular joint dysfunction, snoring and apnea. When all the muscles are relaxed and restored their genetically determined length, and the jaw bone restored its neuromuscular path, the doctor is able to fix its position in the neuromuscular center and move it to the articulator.

Technical characteristics

Number of channels for stimulation 3
Type of electrical stimulation current
Current impulse amplitude 0,125-24 mA with the step of 0,25 mA
Maximum voltage 70 V
Impulse length 500 µs ± 10%
Stimulating impulse frequency once in 1,5 sec


1. Myostimulator for stomatology (1 pc.)

2. Lead wire for stimulation with 6P4C socket (3 pcs.)

3. Disposable electrodes (30 pcs.)

4. Operating instructions (1 set)