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This wireless tremor analysis system (Tremorograph) is intended for automatic registration of the myographic activity and movement acts of extremities in case of various extrapyramidal and other motor impairments in case of essential tremor, dystonias and other medical problems (habit spasms, myoclonia). This system is also used for the kinesiological analysis of the motion pattern and fine motor skills.



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This system consists of two or four wireless Callibri sensors, and each of them has one electromyographic channel and one MEMS channel (accelerometer and gyroscope).

There are no wires needed during the registration of the myogram, giving Callibri a great advantage in comparison with all another tremor analyzing systems, because it provides a strong and uninterrupted signal, which improves the overall quality of the diagnostic.

This system can be used to solve such important tasks as:

  • tremor type diagnostic
  • analysis of the rhythmical movements of extremities (e.g. while walking)
  • rehabilitation training control of the dystonic (paralyzed) muscles

This system can be supplied together with a BFB training complex. In such case, the user is able to increase the overall speed and the quality of the motor modeling of the motion pattern in case of palsy and dystonia.

This wireless tremor analysis system can also be used as an additional analysis method during the botulinotherapy.

The system can also be used to monitor and control the efficiency of the medical (effect of DOPA treatment etc.), rehabilitation or physiotherapeutic treatment in case of motor impairment.

Software features

1. Simultaneous tremor registration using the myographic signal, the accelerometer and the angular speed sensor, which improves the accuracy of the dominating frequencies identification, and makes it possible to understand the parameters of the impulses in three-dimensional space.

2. Access to the following tools: autocorrelation, spectral, trend, and histogram of the impulse frequency.

3. The clear structure of all recorded signals in the database.

4. Creates reports with the comprehensive charts.

Technical characteristics

Number of simultaneously used sensors up to 4
Potential registration type Bipolar
Wireless interface Proprietary
Working frequency of the wireless interface 2,4 GHz
Registered signals EMG, angular speed, angular acceleration
Voltage range from 0 to 2.4V
Charging time not more than 4 hours
Single charge operation time not less than 6 hours
Wireless interface working range up to 2-5 meters


1. Registration module (wireless sensor) (4 pcs.)

2. Transmit/receive module (1 pc.)

3. Charging device with microUSB plug (1 pc.)

4. Set of disposable surface electrodes (50 pcs.)

5. USB-flash with the system software (1 pc.)

6. Operating instructions (1 set)