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Callibri Device

Callibri Device


Callibri is a giant project intended to create a really universal wireless sensor with a wide range of functions represented in a form of a software development kit (SDK). Currently, Callibri sensor is used as a basic element to create a full set of products and technologies. Neurotech is developing this project in partnership with other leading companies from Russia, USA, China and Europe.

Furthermore, Callibri shall be considered as the foundation for the business of other companies. Such companies are able to develop various applications in the field of electrophysiological information and biomedical signals processing, motion and body position analysis, as well as to create stimulating impulses.

Callibri can be used with both a personal computer and a smartphone. In order to connect with the personal computer, the device can use the proprietary (2.4 GHz) or Bluetooth wireless interface. Bluetooth LE is used to connect the sensor to the smartphone. 

The device supports simultaneous registration of up to 8 sensors. 

Fields of use

Registration of EEG, EMG, ECG, CIG and rheogram
Registration of the angular speed and accelleration using triaxial microelectromechanical systems (gyroscope and accelerometer)
Electrical impulse formation
Spatial deviation angle calculation