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EYEHELPER Communicator is created to improve the life quality of the patients with severe motor impairments. It allows communicating with the people around them (sending short messages, reading and writing texts).



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Eyehelper is a software solution created to improve the life quality of the patients with severe motor impairments and serious problems with the neuromuscular system. Such diseases include amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, motor neuron disease, severe injuries to the spinal brain (cervical) etc. In the majority of cases, such patient retains the mobility of their eyes and facial muscles.

The main principle of the system is to track eye blinking, transforming them into the commands for the PC by using a web-camera.

Our solution has the following distinctive features:

  • the system is really easy to install and operate
  • the price is affordable for everyone
  • the minimum number of system elements

It's recommended to buy a turnkey solution with a tablet PC.



  • typing texts and saving them on PC
  • sending short messages (SMS) to mobile phones
  • send e-mails
  • activate predefined voice commands


Software features


1. USB-flash with the system software (1 pc.)

2. Web-camera (1 pc.)

3. GSM-modem connected via USB (1 pc.)