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Myograph Synapsis ERP

myograph Synapsis ERP

myograph Synapsis ERP myograph Synapsis ERP

Synapsis Electromyograph with an additional event-related potential examination unit allows carrying out as the full range of standard EMG procedures, as well as the registration of the event-related potentials of the main modalities (visual, acoustic, somatosensory and cognitive).

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The user is able to use one, two or four standard leads in the real time. The device can be efficiently used as in stationary conditions, as well as in the field (it doesn't require 220V power socket). The manufacturer implemented a wide set of innovative solutions in order to provide the highest quality of the electromyogram (EMG) with the lowest levels of both noise and interference.

Synapsis Electromyograph allows carrying the following procedures out:

  • analysis of the interferometric, spontaneous and integral EMG
  • turn amplitude and spectral analysis
  • event-related potential analysis
  • calculation of the impulse conduction in the motor (proximal and distal zones) and afferent nerves
  • definition of the F-wave characteristic
  • analysis of H-reflex and opticofacial reflex
  • M-response decrement analysis in order to define the rhythmic stimulation and tetanization
  • reciprocity analysis

The system supports various dental methods in order to evaluate the state of masticatory and mimic muscles, as well as all modalities of the event-related potentials.

This configuration is supplied with a set of accessories allowing carrying out the following procedures:

  • visual event-related potentials as a result of light flash and reciprocal check pattern
  • acoustic event-related potentials with long and short latency
  • somatosensory event-related potentials
  • cognitive event-related potentials

The system supports various dental methods in order to evaluate the state of masticatory and mimic muscles.

Software features

  1. Database to store information about the patients and examinations
  2. Software complex to control all the parameters of the monitored signals and stimulating actions.
  3. Automatic and automated detection of the required segments of the electromyogram.
  4. Digital signal processing algorithms for classification, calculation, and graphical representation.
  5. Ability to create reports.

Technical characteristics

Number of channels 4
PC Connection USB
Amplifier working band (at the level of –3 dB) 0-10 kHz
Sampling frequency for each channel 40 kHz
RMS-noise at the input less than 5 mkV
Measured signal amplitude range 0,1 mkV – 200 mV
AD Converter working range 100 dB
AD Converter capacity 24
Bandwidth lower limit 0 Hz - 1000 Hz
Bandwidth upper limit 1 Hz – 10000  Hz
Power supply +5 В (using USB-port)

Electrical stimulation

Type current
Impulse amplitude 0-100 mA
Impulse amplitude control step 1 mA
Impulse length 10 µs – 1 ms
Impulse length changing step 10 µs
Impulse frequency 0-50 Hz


Impulse volume range 0-120 dB
Volume adjustment step 1 dB
Impulse modes compression, rarefaction, alternating
Channels only left side, only right side, both side at once
Impulse duration 50-1000 µs
Impulse frequency 0-50 Hz


Stimulator type LED
Impulse duration 0,1 ms – 500 ms
Impulse frequency 0-50 Hz

Check Pattern Stimulation

Stimulator type Additional display
Field types 4x3, 8x6, 16x12, 32x24, 64x48
Image types check pattern, horizontal stripes, vertical stripes
Viewing zone full screen, upper/lower part of the screen, right/left part of the screen, any quarter of the screen
Gaze tracking marker entire field
Impulse frequency 0-50 Hz

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