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Myograph Synapsis Dental

myograph Synapsis Dental

myograph Synapsis Dental

Synapsis for stomatological examinations is a four-channel adaptive electromyograph (myograph) and a special computer complex for the examination of the electrobiological activity of face muscles and nerves, electromyogram. It's intended for registration, processing, analyzing and graphic representation of the electromyograms and event-related responses of masticatory and mimic muscles.

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Synapsis for stomatological examinations is a four-channel adaptive electromyograph that allows evaluating the reciprocal regulation and functional relations of symmetrical antagonist, agonist and synergist muscles during the process of chewing or moving the lower jaw bone. The complex allows controlling the overall efficiency of the treatment and correct applied methods and procedures.

Synapsis Electromyograph can be used in the field of Stomatology and dentistry in the following situations:

  • craniofacial abnormalities and traumas
  • craniofacial inflammation
  • dental implants
  • native and acquired dentofacial deformations
  • temporomandibular joint diseases
  • denture defects
  • excessive attrition of teeth
  • periodontal diseases
  • the anomaly of occlusion
  • dental restorations
  • paresis or paralysis of the facial nerve
  • polyneuropathy
  • overall treatment efficiency control

Software features

  1. Database to store information about the patients and examinations
  2. Software complex to control all the parameters of the monitored signals and stimulating actions.
  3. Automatic and automated detection of the required segments of the electromyogram.
  4. Digital signal processing algorithms for classification, calculation, and graphic representation.
  5. Ability to create reports.

Technical characteristics

Number of channels 4
PC connection USB
Amplifier working band (at the level of –3 dB) 0-10 kHz
Sampling frequency for each channel 40 kHz
RMS-noise at the input less than 5 mkV
Measured signal amplitude range 0,1 mkV – 200 mV
AD Converter working range 100 dB
AD Converter capacity 24
Bandwidth lower limit 0 Hz - 1000 Hz
Bandwidth upper limit 1 Hz – 10000  Hz
Power supply +5 В (using USB-port)

Electrical stimulation

Type current
Impulse amplitude 0-100 mA
Impulse amplitude control step 1 mA
Impulse length 10 µs – 1 ms
Impulse length changing step 10 µs
Impulse frequency 0-50 Hz


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