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MIST Electrostimulator

MIST Electrostimulator

MIST Electrostimulator MIST Electrostimulator

MIST Electrostimulator is intended to be used during the rehabilitation treatment of impaired muscles by using the means of electric therapy, as well as for electric anesthesia by using the method of percutaneous electrical stimulation in order to decrease the intensity of pains and chronic pain syndromes in case of myoneuralgia, myositis, arthropathy, severe cases of the degenerative disc disease, neuralgia and neuropathy.

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Electrical stimulation is a form of rehabilitation treatment based on the method of electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves, carried out by transmitting the current with specific characteristics from the myostimulating device to the body of the patient via electrodes. 

The idea of the method is the following - by applying the current with specific parameters and frequency to the motor points of a specific muscle one can reach the following things:

  • the muscle contracts in response to the impulse
  • the conductivity of the electrical impulse in the nerve is improved (the nerve is responsible for muscle activation
  • metabolic processes responsible for the muscle function support and nutrition are increased and improved
  • improve regulation of the function performed by the muscle on the level of cerebral cortex
  • increased regeneration (restoration) of the impaired nerve
  • improved bloodstream and lymphatic current in the specific muscle

Keeping all these features of the electrical stimulation in mind, one can easily use MIST Electrostimulator to perform rehabilitation of the muscle, improving its strength, coordination, ductility in case of impairment of a nerve, a muscle or a part of the brain (heart attacks, disseminated sclerosis, traumatic brain injuries etc.) responsible for the specific muscle.

In case of severe impairment when the conductivity of the nerve is totally impaired, as well as in case of the physical inactivation of lying patient, the device allows supporting metabolic processes in the muscle, thus avoiding ita atrophy and "loss of flesh".

Additionally, the device can be used to prepare a relatively healthy muscle for heavy activities or remedial gymnastics complex.

MIST Electrostimulator comes with seven preprogrammed modes of electrical stimulation. All the programs offer the optimal form and the frequency of the impulse, as well as the best session time. The user is able to adjust one single parameter, i.e. the current rate. It should be selected individually and can be as decreased, as well as increased depending on the personal feelings of the patient.

Program 1. Relaxing stimulation. This program is intended to relax muscles, as well as perform test stimulation in order to evaluate the level of nervimuscular affectability of the impaired muscles.

Program 2. Synapse stimulation. This program is used to activate the synaptic apparatus of the affected nervimuscular structures with the clear signs of muscle fatigue as a result of previous neuritis and polyneuritis, rehabilitation period after the circumferential nerve stem traumas, and functional overloading of the spine muscles in case of posture problems and vertebrogenic diseases.

Program 3. Dynamic modulation. This program is used to potentiate the preliminary action in case of muscle resistance to the therapeutic actions (continuous rehabilitations or frequent therapy using other methods).

Program 4. Restorative. This program is used to stimulate dystrophic muscles in case of soft paresis and weak antagonistic muscle in case of the central paresis of limbs.

Program 5. Superfrequency stimulation. This mode is used to decrease the spasticity of big and functionally shortened muscles in case of posture problems and scoliosis. This program is recommended to be used right before the remedial gymnastics complex.

Program 6. Deep stimulation. This program is used to stimulate deep and big muscles of extremities in case of clear dystrophy and heavy paresis.

Program 7. Electroanalgesia. The program is intended to be used as a method of anesthetization by percutaneous electrical stimulation in order to decrease pains in and chronic pain syndromes in case of myoneuralgia, myositis, arthropathy, severe cases of the degenerative disc disease, neuralgia, and neuropathy.


Technical characteristics

Electrical stimulator type current
Current impulse amplitude 0-50 mA
Current impulse amplitude for electroanalgesia 1-6 mA with the step of 1 mA
Current impulse time 100 µs
Impulse series up to 200 times per second
Number of therapeutical programs 7