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Our customers are offered to purchase an additional system of electrodes, special headsets to locate lead electrodes on the head with various sizes for both adults and children, as well as other components and accessories for Wireless Neuropolygraph.

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Wireless photostimulation Wireless photostimulation

Wireless photostimulation

In order to perform routine examinations using provocative photostimulation samples, our customers are able to buy the wireless LEF photostimulation device.

This device allows expanding the list of your Wireless Neuropolygraph features, while the absence of wireless and a special stand for the device will increase the overall comfort of system usage.

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Event-related potentials

Event-related potentials

These days the event-related potentials of the human brain are widely used during the process of various brain abnormalities diagnostic, as well as in case of the functional brain asymmetry, and in order to localize neuronal mechanisms of various psychical processes etc.

In order to monitor and track the event-related potentials, you are able to buy a set of special software compatible with your device for electroencephalography manufactured by Neurotech.

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