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Echoencephalograph Ultrasonic

echoencephalograph Ultrasonic

echoencephalograph Ultrasonic echoencephalograph Ultrasonic

ULTRASONIC echoencephalograph (echoencephaloscope) is a classical supersonic apparatus, which can be used as a stationary system (on the base of a personal computer), as well as a portable device supplied with a multifunctional netbook. 

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Ultrasonic Echoencephalograph allows the following:

  • identify the middle brain structures deviation
  • implement the transmission mode
  • measure ventricular width
  • evaluate the beating level
  • calculate the brain mantle and the average sellar indexes

This echoencephaloscope is equipped with the differential to gain control system that provides the echo signal of the highest quality.

The probing depth of 230mm with the dead spot of not more than 15mm makes it possible to find and identify paraplasm in the periosteal cranial space.

Ultrasonic Echoencephalograph offers the following unique features and tools:

  • automatic searching, detection and identification mode for the echo signals that allows avoiding manual searching of such signals by the operator
  • sensor positioning correction mode for antagonist zones
  • statistic accumulation mode in order to improve the overall quality of operation and reduce the level of subjectiveness during the evaluation of the scanning results
  • real-time beating level evaluation

Software features

1. Database to enter and store information about the patients and examinations.

2. Supports sorting patients by groups, an integrated report creation system, automatic printing of the results.

3. Start/stop probing, choose the working mode, edit results of the automatic echo detection, and calculation of the main parameters.

Technical characteristics

Number of channels 2
PC connection USB
Working frequency 1,76 MHz
Probing signal type 4 signals with the period of 2.27 µs on the frequency of 1,76 MHz
Maximum probing depth 230 mm
Lateral resolution capability max. 1 mm
Measurement accuracy not less than 0.5 mm
Dead spot length max. 15 mm
Dynamic range of input signal not less than 100 dB

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