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Efficiency and the main principles of the electromyostimulation

Efficiency and the main principles of the electromyostimulation

V. Saharov
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Electromyostimulation is a rehabilitation method based on the electrical stimulation of nerves and muscles carried out by transmitting the current with specific characteristics from the myostimulating device to the body of the patient via electrodes.

Where did this method come from?

After the discovery of the electricity, people noticed that low current can cause involuntary muscle contraction.

In the 18th century, a doctor from Geneva managed to cure his patient suffering from the arm paralysis. Later people discovered that both natural and artificial current give the very same effect. In the 20th centuries, British scientists started to research the possibility of using electricity to stimulate muscles. They also discovered that the current could be used to target specific muscles and group of muscles.

Already in the very same century, the first electrical stimulating device was created. The price was incredibly high, thus people were able to use it only in the physiotherapeutic rooms.

These days such devices are getting smaller and more affordable to the audience. Such treatment can be carried out even at your own home after consulting with a doctor or a medical expert.

The idea of electromyostimulation

Electromyostimulation plays the key role in the rehabilitation of the diseases and issues of the neural system leading to the motor impairment, as well as to weakness and hypotrophy of muscles.

Electromyostimulation causes motor excitement and contraction of the muscle, significantly improving the entire complex of the processes responsible for the provision of the energy to the involved muscles, and activating the regulating systems and the cortical colony-forming cells. When the excitement current goes along the neural stems, it increases the conductivity and improves the state of the affected nerves. Muscle contraction caused by the excitement reduces the speed of muscle atrophy and the sclerotic changes (i.e. the transformation of the muscle tissue into the connective one that can’t provide proper contraction) even in case of the total asequence of the nerve.

By applying the electrical current with specific characteristics to the motor unit of the desired muscle one can have the following:

the muscle contracts in response to the current

the conductivity of the nerve responsible for the muscle activation is improved

the metabolic processes in the muscle are improved

the regulation of the muscle is improved on the level of the brain-cortex

the regeneration speed of the nerve is increased

the bloodstream and the lymphatic current are improved in the muscle

Keeping these abilities of EMS in mind, we are able to rehabilitate the muscle, improving its power and coordination, and controlling it in case of various problems with the nerve, the muscle of the brain zone (heart attacks, multiocular sclerosis, head injuries etc.) responsible for the muscle. In the worst case, when the conductivity is totally lost, such rehabilitation allows keeping the muscle tone in order to avoid the atrophy and sclerotic changes. Furthermore, EMS can be used in order to prepare a healthy muscle to the load or therapeutic physical training.

Electromyostimulation shall be used in the following cases:

peripherical pareses and palsies (motor impairment) as a result of a trauma or a disease of a nerve (neuritis), nerve plexus (plexitis), nerve roots (radiculitis)

sensation disorders of the skin as a result of a trauma or a disease of a nerve (neuritis), nerve plexus (plexitis), nerve roots (radiculitis)

central (spastic) pareses and palsies (motor impairment) as a result of a trauma or a disease of the spinal or the cerebral brains

muscle hypotrophy as a result of a continuous physical inactivation, or immobilization with a plaster split.

Thus, electromyostimulation can be used as an independent method of correction and prevention of various pathological states. It’s worth noting that it can be used as an auxiliary method and improve the overall efficiency of the rehabilitation, for example, for patients using biofeedback training.

MIST Portable in the field of electromyostimulation

Let’s find out how the electromyostimulation feature is implemented in MIST device. MIST has 6 preprogrammed modes of electromyostimulation. All of them offer the optimal form and the frequency of the impulse, as well as the training session time. The user is able to change only the current. It can be chosen by the user basing on the real feelings.

The main indications of the device usage are the following:

The patient has to lie down or sit and relax.

The skin under the electrodes has to be clean and without inflammations.

Electrodes are attached to the skin using adhesive surface. The red one is located in the motor unit of a specific muscle (the thickest part), and the blue one at the end of the muscle with the maximum distance from the heart.

The user has to select the most appropriate current by pressing corresponding buttons on the device. Thinking that the result depends on the current level is totally wrong. The current has to be chosen in accordance with the current state of the muscle. The best way is to feel light burning and contraction of the muscle. However, during the process of the device using the user may need to increase the current because the muscle will get stronger and more powerful.

The procedures are carried out from 1 to 3 times per day depending on the level of illness severity (it has to be chosen individually). The entire EMS course contains 25-30 sessions for each muscle with a break of 2-3 weeks. The duration of EMS therapy has to be selected in accordance with the overall efficiency. It can take a couple of weeks to several years. EMS therapy can be canceled only when the muscles reach the maximum level (even by 100%). The duration of each session is preprogrammed, and the device will terminate the session automatically.

Now let’s look at a real example and discover the features of MIST device, which can be used to solve it.

Therapeutic Indications: brachial plexitis.

This illness is really unfavorable one and often leads to a partial incapacitation of a person, making them virtually useless in the majority of routine situations. It’s obvious because this disease affects the active arm in the majority of cases. The peak of the pain takes place at night when even the slightest movement causes sharp pain. It also affects fine motor skills of the person (they won’t be able to button a shirt, use a key to open a door, pick something up and hold it for a while). In the worst case, the person may face the loss of sensitivity, pareses, palsies and even atrophy.

Electromyostimulation shall be applied to the rear and the front surface of the shoulder, i.e. biceps and triceps. After that, the user has to select the super frequency and deep stimulation. The super frequency stimulation represents series of impulses with the frequency of 15-20Hz and amplitude of 10-15mV. The high frequency of impulses creates functionally reversible myorelaxation of the muscle in order to decrease spastics of the big muscles.

Deep stimulation represents more powerful impulses (the amplitude stays in the range of 30-40mV) with the low frequency of 3Hz. It is used to stimulate deep and big muscles of extremities in case of their dystrophy and severe pareses. That’s exactly our case.

According to numerous studies, the physiotherapeutic treatment combined with BFB training and therapeutic physical training improves the overall state and provides more comfort for the patient. MIST portable device for myography is incredibly easy to use. The patient is able to work with it at home after the recommendation of a doctor.


Finally, I would like to note that in order to improve the overall efficiency of the electromyostimulation, it’s highly recommended to use BFB training of the affected zone. According to the recent research, the efficiency of such combined therapy is higher than when these methods are used independently. The left chart shows the rehabilitation dynamic of patients with spastics and pareses after neuromuscular impairments of different nature. It can be seen that patients who underwent EMS+BFB treatment had shown the best results in the group.

Neurotech wishes you strong health! We are sure that the proper and timely usage of MIST device will change your life, allowing you to spend more time with your relatives, and not with the problems trying to make your life horrible!


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