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About Us

Medical scientific Neurotech Company was founded in 1992 in the city of Pyatigorsk under command of neurologist and Candidate of Medical Science, Kotlyarov Valeriy Viktorovich. The main goal was to create and implement portable automated computer systems for neurophysiological examinations in the field of practical healthcare. Such systems include devices for electroencephalography and electromyography. Keeping in mind the professional interest in psychophysiology and neurophysiology, our further development was made in the field of development of biofeedback (BFB) systems intended for rehabilitation of patients with heavy impairment of motor functions, as well as for correction of various psychoemotional states. We also started to work in another field of rehabilitation by developing handheld devices for the personal use intended to control the process of botulinum toxin injections, as well as neurostimulation and electric muscle stimulation of affected muscles. 

Saharov Vadim Leonidovich

Director of Neurotech in Taganrog

Since 1993 all the works related to the design and manufacturing of our products were carried out in the city of Taganrog under the technical supervision of the graduate of the Taganrog State Radiotechnical University (TSRU) and the Doctor of Science, Saharov Vadim Leonidovich. Keeping the given tasks and goals in mind, V. Saharov managed to create a small, yet incredibly powerful and inspired team of young and talented developers and software engineers.

Kotlyarov Valeriy Viktorovich

Director of Neurotech in Pyatigorsk

During the following years, the technical core of the company was constantly developing thanks to the intellectual and technical cooperation with the TSRU (currently it's the Southern Federal University).

In the year of 2002, our company moved to the city of Taganrog, and that was the starting point of the new era of our development. In the shortest timeframe, our team managed to design and develop a full range of new professional systems for the field of neurophysiology. Some of them are still popular and demanded in the Russian market.

Last years Neurotech company established the partnership with a wide range of incredibly powerful companies in both Europe and the USA and started to work in the new and unusual markets. By following the idea not to limit our product range with only professional devices resulted in the development of a series of portable devices for the personal use, which idea was based on the huge experience in the field of medical equipment. 

These days we have a strict development plan for the next 5 years, which takes the most popular trends in technical, physiological and medical fields into account. Neurotech team is constantly growing, attracting more and more professionals and experts from various fields.

We`ll be 30 soon! We are too young to avoid thinking about the future success, yet already experienced to know how to reach it!


Affordable prices

We manufacture products of the highest quality with affordable prices since 1992


We offer the 3 years warranty, as well as the aftersales support

Innovative production

Our company strives to follow the most popular trends in the fields of technology and medicine

Individual approach

We really want each and every customer to be satisfied with the results of our work

Payment in installments

We offer numerous payment plans, allowing our customers to pay for the equipment for an appreciable length of time

Our equipment has been appreciated by hundreds of users both in Russian Federation and in countries of Europe, Asia and America.

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