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Callibri HRV

Callibri HRV Callibri HRV Callibri HRV Callibri HRV

CALLIBRI HRV – is the high-tech system for assessing the health of the heart based on the heart rate variability (HRV) through the ECG signal. HRV - heart rate variability in response to the influence of any factors. The heart rate variability index allows us to give a general assessment of the human condition.

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The main purpose of Callibri HRV - is to identify the pathological states of the heart, to detect the natural effects on the body of various factors, to teach a person to understand your body and to react correctly to changes in your health.

The Callibri HRV complex registers heart rate variability in order to assess the level of stress (in the mobile application «Tension Index») and, accordingly, productivity and health reserves.

The Callibri HRV system is a sensor that is mounted on the chest in the region of the heart and is running a mobile application.

Thus, thanks to the system, you can monitor the state of the cardiac activity and identify factors that impair or improve well-being. Your heartbeat and physiology will tell you how to improve your habits, lifestyle, diet and exercise.

Areas of use:

In everyday life. Constant monitoring of your heartbeat can be carried out during rest or on a walk. Convenient mounting and miniature dimensions of the sensor allow you to wear it under clothes, and the battery will last for 8-10 hours.

In sports, both professional and amateur. The system Callibri HRV allows you to increase the efficiency of cardiovascular training by 30% due to proper distribution of loads, while maintaining a physiological reserve. The complex provides the maximum accuracy of heart rate measurement, which is very important when playing sports.

In clinical practice. HRV analysis is used in clinical practice to analyze the condition of the fetus in the womb, assess the risk of sudden death in patients, the threat of developing diseases and the rate of aging processes of the body.

In stressful situations at work. The system Callibri HRV helps to control the psycho-emotional state, significantly increasing efficiency. The device responds to changes in heart rate due to any factors (stress, fatigue, overwork, lack of sleep, etc.). This allows you to listen to yourself, understand the reason for such changes and eliminate unpleasant consequences.

The parameter «Tension Index» in the application will show how close your state of stress is and at what point you need to «reboot».

Advantages of Callibri HRV:

  • accuracy of research over 99%;
  • the condition assessment method is non-invasive;
  • the possibility of a comprehensive examination of health status without prior visit to the doctor;
  • maximum compact and convenient sensor dimensions;
  • clear and understandable interpretation of the state of heart health;
  • has no contraindications;
  • the method of assessing HRV in the system is approved by the World Health Organization (WHO);
  • reasonable price.

ATTENTION ! The transcripts in the application and all the information provided are not a medical diagnosis and cannot be used as a call for self-treatment, changing medical recommendations or acting as a substitute for in-person consultation of a specialist.


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Software features

  1. Visual diagrams allow to monitor the dynamics of heart rate and stress index;
  2. Understandable text messages interpret the recorded data and give important recommendations to the user;
  3. The application monitors the current state of the user;
  4. Helps to choose the optimal level of load for various tasks (weight reduction, cardio training, professional training).

Technical characteristics

Number of simultaneously used sensors 1
Working frequency of the wireless interface 2,4 GHz
Registered signals ECG
Voltage range from 0 to 200 mV
Charging time no more than 4 hours
Single charge operation time not less than 6 hours
Wireless interface working range up to 5 m

Mobile Device Requirements

Operating system not less Android 5.0
Bluetooth LE not less 4.0
Processor 4 cores, 1.3 GHz
Video processor 4 cores, 500 MHz, 25 GFLOPS
Recommended processor 8 cores, 1.6 GHz
Recommended video processor 8 cores, 600 MHz, 50 GFLOPS
The minimum amount of RAM available to the application 128 Mb


1. Registration module (wireless sensor) (1 pc.)

2. Charging device with microUSB plug (1 pc.)

3. Set of disposable surface electrodes (50 pcs.);

4. Tape for mounting the registration module (optional)

5. Operating instructions (1 set)

6. Mobile application (downloaded for free on Google Play)