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Сallibri HRV

Сallibri HRV

Сallibri HRV Сallibri HRV Сallibri HRV

CALLIBRI HRV – is the newest gadget in the field of life-tracking. By using this device virtually any person can make just "2 clicks" to get high-quality information about ECG as in the relaxed state in order to evaluate the current state, as well as during performing various loads.

This device can be used:

• while training, working out, practicing sport or fitness in order to evaluate the physical load utility assessment

• during the working day in order to evaluate the workability and the psycho-emotional state. 

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Why do you need this?

Callibri HRV is a result of the modern development of ideas of early detection and prevention of various pathological states, as well as regular monitoring of already existing changes. The reaction of the cardiovascular system is one of the most important adaptation indicators. This gadget allows evaluating the level of social and emotional stress affection on the cardiovascular system, helping to create the optimal day or week working schedule. 

How can it be used?

This gadget is a small and unnoticeable sensor, which is fixed on the chest near the heart zone, registering one-channel ECG-signal. It connects modern mobile phones via Bluetooth LE interface.

Application features


  • training efficiency (or any other process)
  • the readiness of the body to perform an action
  • bearableness of various mental, moral and physical loads


  • day schedule
  • working schedule
  • training plan

Informs about:

  • excessive or insufficient load
  • level of psycho-emotional load
  • general state changing dynamic

Main advantages of Callibri HRV

While being the system developed by a professional medical equipment manufacturer, Callibri HRV provides precise and exclusively scientific data. It's worth noting that, unlike all other devices created to solve the similar problems, our device is able to register real ECG and not a pulse wave on the wrist, which has significant deviations, especially when measuring the stress index. The simple and functional interface allows the usage of the app by users of all ages and qualification.

Unlike all other gadgets, Callibri HRV allows correcting the psychophysical state of the user by applying the additional biofeedback training method.



Software features

Technical characteristics