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Callibri biofeedback professional complex

Callibri biofeedback professional complex

Callibri biofeedback professional complex

This device offers wireless data transmission technology and incredibly versatile Callibri sensors, which makes it the best solution for BFB training of different modalities for adults, and especially for children. The main advantage of the wireless registration is the minimum level of motion artifacts, which allows using any position of the patient's body, including free movement around the premise.

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The basic version of the device supports up to four simultaneously working sensors. Thus the complex can be used for BFB training with four parallel channels.

All the sensors have independent controls, and the user is able to change the modality, the frequency range and the amplitude range for each of the using the application.

There are several ways of sensor fixation for various BFB modalities:

  • for EMG, ECG, and breathing - disposable adhesive electrodes with a special band
  • for EEG - a special band (in a form of a headband) with a system of electrodes.

The wireless complex is used in conjunction with the software for BFB Kinesis system.

The system allows performing the following operations:

  • psychoemotional correction using the registration and the analysis of the bioelectric potential of the brain (EEG BFB with the ability to register ECG and breathing at the same time)
  • training the supporting-motor apparatus and the muscular activity using the registration and the analysis of the electromyogram (EMG BFB)
  • correction of the psychovegetative state using the statistic calculation of the heartbeat parameters (Heartrate BFB with the ability to register breathing at the same time)
  • Learning how to relax by creating the diaphragmatic relaxation breathing pattern

The user is able to create any combination of EEG, EMG, heart rate and breathing registration in order to perform multimodal training. Such training sessions can be used in order to form complex reflex acts and attention concentration skills, fine motor coordination and in order to perform many other psychophysiological tasks.

The system allows choosing a course or a session in accordance with the current state of the patient, and perform the training session semi-automatically. A previously created template is used to carry the session out while increasing the complexity of the task. Such templates allow preforming BFB training sessions with a huge number of patients and can be easily used by an assistant (a nurse or an instructor). Furthermore, this device can be used at home with the need to be under the strict control of the medical personnel.

The system allows creating and adding new templates in order to perform various rehabilitation operations.

The main advantage of the system is an intellectual mathematical model, which is used to describe the real parameters of the muscle, bioelectric potentials of the brain or the heart rate before the beginning of a BFB training session. This model is used as a basic supporting signal system and allows taking specific traits and characteristics of the patient in order to increase the overall efficiency and implement a correct training pattern.

EMG BFB is used for disordered motor function correction, as well as in case of muscle tissue and nerve stems diseases. 

Therapeutic Indications:

  • training of weak paretic muscles in case of nerve stem disease
  • rehabilitation after ICP, heart attacks, and brain injuries
  • treatment of the facial nerve palsy
  • preparation of athletes
  • creating coordination and training muscle contraction

EEG BFB allows correcting the dynamic indicators (neurodynamical parameters) of the cortical bioelectrical activity of the brain zones involved in the pathologic process.

Therapeutic Indications:

  • attention concentration
  • relaxation
  • insomnia

Heart rate BFB is used for the psychovegetative indicators correction after obtaining them using the statistical calculation of the RR-interval range parameters.

Therapeutic Indications:

  • training for relaxation in case of psychovegetative disorders (vegetovascular dystonia or functional disease)
  • stress management

Multimodal training (EEG + EMG) can be used in the following cases:

  • for the training of complex motion reactions after heart attacks
  • attention deficit (ICP)

Software features

  1. Library of predefined courses and training sessions for various rehabilitation methods.
  2. Demonstration of the location of the electrode using the images in order to provide the highest quality of training.
  3. Adaptation to a specific user and progress evaluation.
  4. Various game situations in order to immerse the patient, and make the process of rehabilitation more comfortable.
  5. Usage of unique methods, which perfectly fit the specific case. Such methods can be saved in the user's library.
  6. Creation of the extended report about each training session in order to demonstrate the efficiency of the rehabilitation.

​Advanced users are able to use numerous tools in order to create their own course, and set specific parameters of the training in order to perform multimodal training sessions, which involve more than one physiological signals. 

Technical characteristics

Number of simultaneously used sensors 4
Potential registration type Bipolar
Working frequency of the wireless interface 2,4 GHz
Registered signals ECG, EMG, EEG, breathing
Voltage range from 0 to 200 mV
Charging time not more than 4 hours
Single charge operation time not less than 6 hours
Wireless interface working range up to 5 meters


1. Registration module (wireless sensor) (4 pcs.)

2. Transmit/receive module (1 pc.)

3. Charging device with microUSB plug (1 pc.)

4. Band for the registration modules and electrodes (for hrad) (3 pcs.)

5. Band for the registration module fixation (for arm – 2 pcs., for leg – 2 pcs., for chest or back – 2 pcs.)

6. Set of disposable surface electrodes (50 pcs.)

7. Lead electrode with microUSB socket for the breathing channel (1 pc.)

8. Electrode gel (1 pc.)

9. Syringe for gel injection (1 pc.)

10. USB-flash with the system software (1 pc.)

11. Operating instructions (1 set)