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MIST BFB Simulator

MIST BFB Simulator

MIST BFB Simulator

MIST BFB Simulator with the electrical myostimulation function - is a small portable device created to work with paralyzed and impaired muscles by using the method of biofeedback (BFB with electromyography).

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The device supports two working modes: BFB Simulator and electrical therapy.

The patient is able to use BFB Simulator mode independently without the supervision of the doctor. It can be used without a computer, but it's recommended to undergo a special training course with a doctor. The device serves as both the load regulator, and the "mirror" that reflects real contractions of trained muscles. The key benefit of the device is the fact that it allows tracking even the minimum muscle contractions, which may be invisible to the patient (in case of severe impairment).

This device causes no negative electrical effect on the body. Vice versa it works like a sensor that monitors the bioelectrical activity of the patient's muscles. Such activity (myogram) is an equivalent to the muscle contraction power. By controlling it the patient is able to train affected muscles in condition when the connection between the muscle and the brain is damaged. By controlling the power of contraction, as well as when undergoing the remedial gymnastics, the patient is able to train the muscle, creating "new" reflectory connection between the impaired muscle and damaged structures of the nervous system.

In case of the posture correction, as well as during the kinesiotherapy the device is used to create an optimal movement pattern.

The electrical therapy mode is used to perform physiotherapy aid according to special programs by using stimulating electrical impulses.

Technical characteristics


Input signal range from 3 mkV
Working frequency range (at the level of -3dB) 135-2000 Hz
Sampling frequency 4 kHz
AD converter capacity 10 bit
Myogram power scale 20 sections
Type of scale linear
Scale division programmable
Number of sound levels 5


Electrical stimulator type current
Impulse amplitude 0-50 mA
Current impulse time 100 µs
Impulse series up to 200 times per second
Number of therapeutical programs 7