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Callibri Biofeedback Mobile

Callibri Biofeedback Mobile

Callibri Biofeedback Mobile Callibri Biofeedback Mobile

The light version of Callibri Kinesis biofeedback system is intended to be used in the comfortable conditions of your home.

In addition to the highest level of wireless Callibri sensors comfort, the set of software provides a large library of courses, training sessions, and individual training methods, which can be chosen in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Such approach makes this system easy to use even without the presence of a doctor. 

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Features and purpose

This version of the BFB system is created especially for people, who underwent BFB training in various medical institutions and want to continue their training in order to keep and improve the overall therapeutical effect. If required our partners from Saint Petersburg Institute of Interdisciplinary Research can perform remote training sessions using Skype or other video conference software. 

The light version of the device is equipped with two simultaneously working sensors. Thus, the complex can be used to perform training sessions with one or two assigned channels.

The training session can be chosen from a huge library of courses. The pre-installed version offers a vast set of BFB training courses, which can be easily chosen by their name. Furthermore, the user is able to create custom courses and training sessions depending on the specific needs of the patient.

We provide universal software for all the desktop versions of BFB simulators. Furthermore, every single month we develop new conceptual games, including those in 3D.