Innovative developments and technology

Wireless electroencephalograph

Wireless 24-channel electroencephalograph is required for monitoring of cerebrum biopotentials, and registration of three polygraphic channels: EMG, ECG and EOG. A record can be taken both in real time with signal reflection on the screen and with record on SD card with ability of further editing. The device is set on patient's head, that allows to obtain a high-quality record of physiological cerebrum, muscles and heart biosignals both in stationary conditions and in real-life conditions, and also while moving.

Wireless transducers

A wireless transducer is multi-functional device, which can be applied in different designs to register electromyographic, electrocardiographic and others biopotencials. In addition, it can be applied to generate electrostimulating influences. The main aim of transducer is to undertake a wide range of researches and therapies, including EMG registration and analysis, biofeedback training undertaking upon EMG and ECG rates, muscle activity monitoring for sports Medicine, undertaking of diagnostic and rehabilitational procedures in kinesiology, tremor test and so on.

The wireless connection between the registration module and visualization device (PC, smartphone, tablet) is provided via a radio channel (2,4 GHz or Bluetooth LE).

An advantage of wireless registration is minimization of motion artifacts and, as a consequence, providing of body free position of research subject including the ability of movement.

Different designs of transducer in conjunction with corresponding software represent itself separate products, as follows:

Diagnostic systems


The system is designed to make routine (a standard procedure) and advanced studies of brain bioelectrical activity at free recordings.

Electromyographes (electroneuromyographic analyzer)

Electromyographes Synapsis are designed to make routine and advanced studies of muscle bioelectrical activity and nerve tissues.

Echoencephalographs (echoencephaloscope)

The echoencephalographes are designed to make one dimensional echoencephalography study of brain according to standard techniques. They are used to detect M echo signals, brain ventricular width, pulsation rate, cerebral cortex index, transmission mode etc.

Biofeedback systems

Biofeedback systems are modern psychophysiologic training systems for treatment of different functional derangement which can be observed during patient suffers from different kinds of the nervous system, the locomotor system and the cardiovascular system disorders, and psycho emotional disorders as well.

Heart rate variability system

One channel cardiography system enables carrying out an express analysis of levels and types of organism vegetative regulation. The device picks up signals in a fast mode, suppresses artifacts and provides calculations of basic parameters according to Bayevsky criteria.

A device for recording of ECG waveform through one channel is connected with a personal computer or a notebook through the USB data interface unit. This medical procedure is very simple and does not requires special preparing or work conditions.

Portable devices

Portable myographic analyzer for injection

Portable biofeedback trainer enables carring out psycho physiological training and functional derangement correction which can be observied during a patient suffers from different kinds of Nervious system and Locomotor system disorders. it is possible to use the device individually without doctor.

Biofeedback-training instrument with electrical myostimulation function

Biofeedback trainer with electrical myostimulation function is a small portative device, produced for paralyzed and weaken muscles training with a help of biofeedback (Biofeedback with electromyography). A function of electromiostimulation is an optional feature; it serves to rise Biofeedback service effectiveness.


Electromiostimulation used for rehabilitation treatment, used to train paralyzed and depressed muscles, realized by electric current intensity. Also device can be used for TENS analgesia technique to facilitate the intensity of pain and chronic pain syndromes myalgia, myositis, joint diseases, complications of osteochondrosis, neuralgia and neuropathies.

Systems of life quality improvement

Communication helper system

EyeHelper is a software designed for patients with severe motor disturbances and nervous and muscular systems damages.

The principle of systems work is eyelids blinking tracking with the help of web-camera, which are converted into program controlled commands for computer.