Locomotor Biofeedback system Kinesis

Locomotor Biofeedback system Kinesis is a modern psychophysiologic training system for treatment of different functional derangement which can be observied during a patient suffers from different kinds of Nervious system and Locomotor system disorders.

Operating with our biofeedback system a doctor can perform the locomotor system and muscle activity training on the basis of EMG registration and interpretation.

This method of correction, treatment and training is the most effective and is recommended when a patient suffers from different paralytic conditions evoked by CNS affection: cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, consequences of strokes, craniocerebral injuries, for functional rehabilitation after traumas and peripheral nerve trunks as well.The method has the great significance in complex correction of posture defects and diseases of back muscles and backbone.

The system is characterized by high precision of physiological parameters registration in real time without modulating fouling of signal during signal processing. Operating with our biofeedback system a doctor can perform the high quality precise registration of individual muscles electrical signal parameters because our system is designed on the basis of modern digital components. So patients can analyze peculiarities of own physiological processes in real time and influence on them in interactive mode.

It is peculiarity of our system that there is an intellectual in-built system for creation of a mathematical individual model matrix describing real muscle parameters before a biofeedback training session. This model as a basic reference signal system gets an investigator a possibility to adapt to individual patient characteristics. It raises precision level of psychological appreciation and favours more accurate generation of a new motor pattern.

Application spheres

  • Pediatric and general neurology;
  • Neurosurgery;
  • Traumotology and orthopaedics;
  • Sports medicine;
  • Rehabilitation medicine;
  • Pediatrics;
  • Therapy treatment.

Functions and capabilities

The system enables biofeedback training on the basis of electromyography signals. The analyzer Kinesis is used for biopotentials registration and allows carrying out correction on the basis of two EMG channels. The analyzer is connected with a personal computer through the USB data interface unit.

The "Run"game

Software for complex biofeedback system is presented as collection of computer acoustic and visual acts which were designed in a game form. A patient can influence on these acts by changing muscle tension. During controlling process patient should find normal positive result which will be displayed on a computer screen in an understandable and comfortable form and inform a patient about changing of functional parameters of a muscle.

A games situation increases the level of receptivity to represented information and patient motivation to training especially for children.

The Flight game
The Flight game

It is possible to institute one time therapy or a course of treatment. The in-built expert system allows a doctor to learn patient possibilities and to perform training according to this information.

 The Swab game
The Swab game

EMG biofeedback system is usually applied to treat motor function and neuromuscular disorders.


Software the biofeedback system is controlled under is full-function in no low than the Windows 7 environment. A biofeedback system program is user-friendly that is the main unique feature of the software. There are no other requirements for operating with the software for a doctor except to being computer literate. The program is operated by doctor and patient as well in special modes. There is the option of using of two computers with one device. In this case the doctor operates one of these two computers and with own modes, also the patient operates another computer. The main window of the biofeedback system program is similar to Windows desktop environment. It is possible to do the following acts in the main window:

  • To open the patient data base.
  • To perform the biofeedback training.
  • To read the software description.
  • To watch the contact data.

The database is used for patient data input, for patient data and investigation results storage as well. There are no requirements to use the database because the system is referred to training equipment. But in case of need there is a function of report card forming containing dynamics of changing of training results.

In a training mode a doctor is able to analyze a signal, to get the model of trained organism systems condition (it is power index for muscle), to control activity level of patient and to start the game. Then the patient begins playing game.

Delivery set
Complex biofeedback system Kinesis consists of the following parts:
hardware module, able to registrate 2 (two) EMG channels;
set of electromyographic electrodes (cutaneous);
Silver chloride electrode for EMG recording
Silver chloride electrode for EMG recording
special device holder;
software, visualizing, recording and charging at database, maths analysis and creation of report form, developed to WINDOWS software (not less than Windows 7);

For the system functioning you need a personal computer or a notebook with the following configuration:

  • Processor with bit-timing frequency not less than 2 GHz and not less than 2 core processor.
  • RW memory not less 2 Gb.
  • 2 monitors or notebook monitor and standard apart monitor, with screen saver 1024 pixels in horizontal and not less 768 pixels in vertical direction both.
  • Quantified (external/out) video card with memory minimum 512 Mb.
  • hard disk drive minimum 320 Gb
  • Speakers.
  • Printer for reports (optional)
  • Operation system Windows 7
  • Work program for all devices is delivered on DVD-ROM disk, that is why you need DVD.
  • Free usb port for a computer to hook into BOS system.

BOS complex can be provided to clients computer, but system delivery with computer and printer is recommended:

  • RAM (random access memory) not less than 2 GB and more;
  • Video card Gforce 6600 or ATI Radeon 9600;
  • Hard drive memory not less than 80 GB;
  • A computer display monitor with addressability no low as 1280 1024 32 bit.
  • The system is installed on a clients computer but delivery of the system with a computer and a printer is recommended.

    Performance features

    Number of channels4
    Working bank of reinforce (on level 3 dB) 0-10 khz
    Sampling rate for each channel 40 kHz
    Input noise mean square value Not more than 6 uV;
    Range of signal amplitudes 0,1 uV 200 mV;
    ADC dynamic range 100 dB;
    ADC number of bits 24
    Upper bound of bandwidth 0 1 kHz
    Low bound of bandwidth 1 Hz 10 kHz
    Additional rejector filters for frequencies 50Hz, 100 Hz, 150 Hz, 200 Hz, 250 Hz.
    Electrostastic discharge tolerance 15 kV
    Supply voltage +5 V (from USB of PC)
    Dimension 225 x 220 x 72 mm
    EMG channels
    Number of channels2
    Frequency band (by a program control) 10 - 400 Hz
    Amplitude range (by a program control) +/- 50 uV +/- 5 mV

    Delivery conditions

    Guarantee period 3 years.

    If you need, our specialists can visit you and set or study system skills at clients workplace.

    In this case you should pay travel expenses and specialists work.

    If necessary you can take part in organized group studies by "Neirotech"specialists in Taganrog, in Pyatigorsk or in St. Petersburg.

    Delay in paying till the fact of delivery is possible.


    Delivery period for client 10 days from the day of payment or signing contract.

    Distributors have discount 15% and higher.