Heart rate variability system "Karmin"

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One channel heart rate variability system enables carrying out an express analysis of levels and types of organism vegetative regulation. The device picks up signals in a fast mode, suppresses artifacts and provides calculations of basic parameters according to Bayevsky criteria.

A device for recording of ECG waveform through one channel is connected with a personal computer or a notebook through the USB data interface unit. This medical procedure is very simple and does not requires special preparing or work conditions.

Power supply from USB of computer or notebook enables to use the device in all conditions, even if there is no power source of 220 V.

Application spheres

  • infantile and general neurology;
  • sports medicine;
  • neurophysiological studying;
  • rehabilitation medicine;
  • occupational medicine and medico-labour examination;
  • carrying out of mass express screening of health assessment in big children, sportsmen and adult teams.

Functions and capabilities

The device picks up signals in a fast mode, detects R wave in an automatic mode, calculates R-R intervals width, suppresses artifacts, forms R-R interval series, displays rhythm traces, bar graphs, scatter diagrams and provides calculations of basic parameters according to Bayevsky criteria. All calculations are being done in real time and also with a recorded signal.

The obtained data automatically show up a state of vegetative nervous system for the time being in a text or an image mode (diagrams, bar graphs). The device allows comparing resting and stressing exercise ECGs. Karmin also monitors dynamic changes of an organism.

The obtained data of measurements is used for therapy plane correction which is created for patients suffering from neurocirculatory disorders, disorders associated with psychosomatic specialization, in cases of asthenic conditions and consequences of constant overloads and stresses.


The software of the heart rate variability system is controlled under is full-function in no low than the Windows 7 environment. A biofeedback system program is user-friendly that is the main unique feature of the software. There are no other requirements for operating with the software for a doctor except to being computer literate. The program is operated by a doctor and a patient as well in special modes. The main window of cardiography program is similar to Windows desktop environment.It is possible to do the following acts in the main window:

  • To open the patient data base;
  • To carry out a biofeedback training;
  • To read the software description;
  • To watch the contact data.

The database is used for patient data input, for patient data and investigation results storage as well. There are capabilities for optionally groups of patients sorting, for the system of report form of diagnostic decision creation, for printing of the report.

In a studying mode it is possible to record ECG waveform through one channel, to detect R waves and to form R-R intervals series. The system calculates statistical parameters and displays calculation results on the basis of R-R intervals series which is being formed in real time. When the forming process of required number of R-R intervals finishes a user can begin working in an editing mode. In this mode it is possible to correct a position of markers pointing on R waves and to recount statistical parameters of series.

Delivery Set

  • one-channel electrocardiograph with 1 channel amplifier, digital unit, the USB data interface unit;
  • a kit of electrocardiography electrodes;
  • OS Windows based software package that allows viewing, recording and storing signals in the data base, to carry out mathematical analyze, to interpret and to display data reports;
  • a personal computer with a printer.

To make the system function it is required to have a personal computer of IBM PC configuration with CPU clock speed of more than 1000 MHz, RAM - not less than 128 MB, hard drive memory more than 20 gigabytes, video adapter SVGA with video card of at least 32 MB.

We can setup the system into a clients computer.

Performance features

Heart rate variability system "Karmin"
The number of channel1
Input ranges (+/- full-scale aperture)100 mkV, 200 mkV, 500 mkV, 1 mkV, 2 mkV, 5 mkV
Common mode rejection 50 Hz No less than 120 decibel
Input noise levelNo more than 10 mkV
High pass filter 0,5 Hz
Low pass filter40 Hz
Power supply low than 2W
Dimension220 x 140 x 40 mm
WeightNo more than 1.5kg

Delivery conditions

Guarantee period 3 years.

If you need, our specialists can visit you and set or study system skills at clients workplace.

In this case you should pay travel expenses and specialists work.

If necessary you can take part in organized group studies by "Neirotech"specialists in Taganrog, in Pyatigorsk or in St. Petersburg.

Delay in paying till the fact of delivery is possible.

Delivery period for client 10 days from the day of payment or signing contract.

Distributors have discount 15% and higher.