Portable wireless system of tremor analysis

Portable wireless system of tremor analysis is designed to register automatically myographic activity and limb movements acts under different extrapyramidal disorders in tremor's shape and under other rhythmic dystonic disorders. The system consists of two or four wireless transducers, each of which has one electromyographic channel and one gyroscope's channel.

The transducer is fastened on skin surface with the help of self-adhesive electrodes (as a rule, in the projection of extensor and flexor muscles) and upon radio channel transmits in the computer a high quality jamproof myographic signal and gyroscope's records of three projections in real time. Specialized software provides visualization of both myogram and actography signals and results of primary analysis mathematical methods: power spectrum, rhythmography, auto-correlation analysis, averaging, integral EMG and trend reflection in the course of time.

All the records are saved in database and are accessible for a user to retest and to print at any time.

As a rule, the system allows to undertake following important tasks:

  • tremors types diagnostic;
  • analysis of extremities rhythmical motions (for example, while walking)
  • recovery training-control of dystonic (paralyzed) muscles activity.

The system of tremor registration is easy-to-use and electrical saved (power from mini battery).

This system can be distributed together with Biofeedback- training. It allows to raise rates and quality of motion pattern motor modeling under pareses (paralyses) and dystonia.

Portable wireless system of tremor analysis can be an additional method of muscles activity analysis with botulinotherapy in the background.

Technical characteristics:

Number of simultaneously used transducers Up to 4
Type of potential registration Bipolar
Registering signalsEMG, accelerometer, gyroscope
Wireless communication interfaceProprietary
The operating frequency of the wireless communication interface2.4 GHz
Range of measured tensions from 0 up to 2,4 V
The maximum noise level ±12 uV
Buttery charge time not more than 4 hours
Running time not less than 6 hours
Distance of wireless connection channel work from to 2-5 m
Mass of transducer not more than 0,03 kg
Exterior dimensions of transducer not more than 55Х35Х15 mm