Automatic stimulator for motion correction

Portable system of motion correction is designed for automatic adaptive influence by electric impulses on paralyzed (paretic) muscles of extremities with the aim of domestic actions relief implementation.

The system represents a wireless transducer with EMG channel, gyroscope and electrostimulator inside.

The transducer is fixed by self-adhesive skin electrodes, as a rule, in the area of projection of a hand's or foot's extensor muscles. Stimulator is activated under patient's conscious active motions in elbow or knee joint, which are controlled by transducer due to EMG level estimation and gyroscope's indications. At this moment serial electroimpulses influence paretic muscles as far as these impulses reach motion effect of extensor muscles, that let lift a hand, catch an object and so on. Stimulator is turned off automatically after implementation of required action.

All actions with device don't require special wires fastening, and a patient can easily move over a distance.

The main constructive and technical characteristics of system:

  • Microsized parameters and weight.
  • Off-line working: a patient can use the system by himself and is able to move without difficulty.
  • Absence of complex wired systems limiting movement.
  • Adaptive and fully automatic activation of stimulator.
  • Stimulation report setting depending on personal characteristics of motion pattern and severity level of nerve and muscle structures affection of a particular patient.
  • Long time activation without recharging.

    This system pursues two important aims:

  • recovery training of paretic (paralyzed) muscles;
  • help in everyday actions with hand captures of objects and ankle flexion.

Combined with kinesiotherapy and Biofeedback training methods this systems raises rates and quality of motion pattern motor simulation under pareses (paralises).

Wireless portable system of automatic stimulation can serve as additional method of paretic muscles activation with botulinotherapy undertaking in the background.


Technical characteristics:

Registering signalsEMG, gyroscope
Wireless communication interfaceProprietary
The operating frequency of the wireless communication interface2.4 GHz
Forming influences Electrostimulation
Amplitude of current stimulation impulse from 1,0 up to 50,0 mA
Range of stimulating impulses sequence from 1 up to 200 Hz at a pitch of 1 Hz
Length of stimulating impulse is chosen from the row60 ms, 100 ms, 200 ms
Tension, formed by inner power source from 3 up to 4,2 V
Buttery charge time not more than 4 hours
Running time not less than 6 hours
Distance of wireless connection channel work up to 2-5 m
Mass of transducer not more than 0,03 kg
Exterior dimensions of transducer not more than 55Х35Х15 mm