Wireless 24-channel electroencephalograph

Wireless 24-channel electroencephalograph is required for monitoring of cerebrum biopotentials, and registration of three polygraphic channels: EMG, ECG and EOG. A record can be taken both in real time with signal reflection on the screen and with record on SD card with ability of further editing. The device is set on patient's head, that allows to obtain a high-quality record of physiological cerebrum, muscles and heart biosignals both in stationary conditions and in real-life conditions, and also while moving.

General electrode system consists of two detachable cables with electrodes, applied for the caps of different size, that allows to use the device without significant difficulties both for the patients with different skull's size and for infant children.

Device's fastening to the cap allows to avoid artifacts, appearing under head movements.

Base configuration contains three helmets with electrodes MCScap (Medical Computer Systems, Zelenograd, Russia). The system can be also completed by the helmets of own production.

Fields of application

  • neurology (movement disorders),
  • recreation therapy,
  • sports medicine,
  • somnology,
  • psychophysiology,
  • monitoring and training in professional activities.

Settings and abilities

Device is set for EEG prolong monitoring undertaking (it operates up to 10 hours without recharging) both in real-time with data reflection and saving on hard disk, and an ability of off-line working with signals record on SD card, what is settled into device. After undertaking an examination with the help of a standard card reader data from card are copied on the computer by means of software.

Analysis of prolong records is taken foremost with aim of quick exposure of pathological areas. There is a special mode to do it, that allows software to define all the areas of pathological activity with the ability of further editing. Also spectral and correlation analysis, two- and three-dimensional topographic mapping are realized.

A record and results are saved in database, that allows to replay and to look over them, and also to record on external medias (DVD, flash drives, external hard disk).

Registration of patient's video image by two rowing camera is implemented in this system combining with EEG record registration.

Technical characteristics

Number of EEG channels 21
Number of polygraphic channels 3 (EMG, ECG and EOG)
Range of measured tensions for each channel 5 mV
Level of self-noise No more than 2 uV
Voltage accuracy 0,1 uV
Lower value of band-pass range0,5 Hz
Upper value of band-pass range 80 Hz
Buttery charge current 400 mA
Time of full battery charge not more than 4 hours
Off-line working not less than 8 hours
Distance range of wireless connection channel not less than 5 m
Exterior dimensions of registration module not more than 80x50x19 mm
Mass of registration module not more than 0.13 kg