Dental complex

Wireless transducer are convenient devices to register facial muscles activity aimed to estimate reciprocal regulation, functional interrelations of symmetric antagonistic, agonistic and synergetic muscles during the process of mastication and lower jaw bone motion.

Lack of wires allows to get qualitative record, steady to the motion artifacts, that is a guarantee of auto-sensed mastication areas algorithm's, muscles' tension and relaxation successful operation. Transducers are fastened to the face by means of glue layer of disposable electrodes and they don't require additional fastenings.

Technical characteristics:

Number of simultaneously used transducers Up to 4
Type of potential registration Bipolar
Wireless communication interfaceProprietary
The operating frequency of the wireless communication interface2.4 GHz
Range of measured tensions from 0 up to 2,4 V
The maximum noise level ±12 mcV
Buttery charge time not more than 4 hours
Running time not less than 6 hours
Distance of wireless connection channel work up to 2-5 m
Mass of transducer not more than 0,03 kg
Exterior dimensions of transducer not more than 55Х35Х15 mm