Kinesiological system for sports medicine

Wireless transducers are convenient technical device to register athlete's biopotencials while exercising. Lack of wires allows to minimize motional artifacts and to analyze in details those processes, examination of which would be inaccessible for researcher under using wired devices.

Foremost transducers are directed toward muscle biopotencials registration (EMG) for their activity monitoring while moving. It is possible to register ECG parallel EMG, and it's possible to get information about body and extremities position with the help of accelerometer and gyroscope readouts.

Settings and abilities

    Using wireless transducer in sports medicine allows to undertake:

  • Multi-channel online record of athlete's muscle activity while exercising.
  • Express estimation of muscle activity quantity while training.
  • Estimation of individual characteristics of muscle activity upon power, movements speed (blows, pushes), coordination and fatigability parameters.
  • Kinesiological researches unbounded by wires movements.
  • Estimation and effectiveness forecast of work-out session.
  • Estimation cardiovascular adaptation and compensation during physical activity.
  • Research of movement patterns

Software abilities

    Software has the following abilities:

  • Treatment of motion complexes
  • Signals spectral estimation
  • Exposure of fast and slow waves
  • Cluster analysis of muscle activity
  • Exposure of athlete's individual characteristics
  • Rise of work-out session effectiveness
  • Movement patterns classification

Technical characteristics

Number of simultaneously used transducers Up to 4
Type of potential registration Bipolar
Registering signalsEMG, ECG, breath, accelerometer, gyroscope
Wireless communication interfaceProprietary
The operating frequency of the wireless communication interface2.4 GHz
Range of measured tensions from 0 up to 2,4 V
The maximum noise level ±12 uV
Type of power supply internal battery
Buttery charge time not more than 4 hours
Running time not less than 6 hours
Distance of wireless connection channel work up to 2-5 m
Mass of transducer not more than 0,03 kg
Exterior dimensions of transducer not more than 55Х35Х15 mm