Wireless biofeedback complex

Wireless biofeedback complex is a set of four universal wireless transducers, each of which provides registration of electromyogram (EMG), electrocardiogram (ECG), electroencephalogram (EEG), breath and galvanic skin potential depending on required biofeedback modality. The system supposes training upon four selectable set channels at the same time. Frequency band and amplitude ranges for each channel are set by program.

An advantage of wireless registration is minimization of motion artifacts and, as a consequence, providing of body free position of research subject including the ability of movement.

    Defined transducers fastening are supposed for different biofeedback modalities :

  • Disposable self-adhesive electrodes and pressure belt for EMG, ECG, breath and galvanic skin potential.
  • Special belt (in the form of head bandage) with electrode system for electroencephalogram.

Wireless complex and biofeedback system Kinesis have a common software.

Transducers with fastening elements can be added both as additional accessories for Kinesis system and in the function of individual product.

Technical characteristics:

Number of simultaneously used transducers Up to 4
Type of potential registration Bipolar
Registering signalsEMG, EEG, ECG, breath, accelerometer, gyroscope
Wireless communication interfaceProprietary
The operating frequency of the wireless communication interface2.4 GHz
The maximum noise level 12 uV
Type of power supply internal battery
Buttery charge time not more than 4 hours
Running time not less than 6 hours
Distance of wireless connection channel work from to 2-5 m
Mass of transducer not more than 0,03 kg
Exterior dimensions of transducer not more than 553515 mm