Communication helper system (communicator) for restrained patient "EyeHelper"

EyeHelper is a software designed for patients with severe motor disturbances and nervous and muscular systems damages. Such diseases include: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or motor neuron disease, severe spinal cord injures primarily cervical spine, etc.

The principle of systems work is eyelids blinking tracking with the help of web-camera, which are converted into program controlled commands for computer.

In this case, were taken into account such factors as:

  • Quick and easy study of systems operation;
  • Low cost, which should not be a heavy financial burden for family and especially for patients;
  • The minimum number of components for the system.

Technical Capabilities

  • Text typing with its saving in the text file;
  • Short messages (SMS) sending to mobile phones;
  • Sending emails;
  • Pre-recorded voice commands calling.

Systems Consistency
The EyeHelper software;
GSM-modem, connected to computer by USB.