Biofeedback trainer with electrical myostimulation function

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Biofeedback trainer with electrical myostimulation function is a small portative device, produced for paralyzed and weaken muscles training with a help of biofeedback (Biofeedback with electromyography).

After consulting a doctor patients can have BOS- training sessions with MIST on their own, away from a computer.

The device is sumultaneously a body workload dosator and a mirror of real activity of muscles that are being trained.

Most importantly, it can register minimal and invisible muscles activity (in case of, e.g., acute paralyses).

Biofeedback trainer is a method of correction, treatment and prevention of diseases. It is effective and advisable for paralytic syndromes caused by central nervous system damages (CNS damages), insults, hard post-brain injury state. Also caused by after-effects of hurting and diseasing peripheral nerve. BOS-trainer plays an important role in complex correction for postural and spine disorder.

A function of electromiostimulation is an optional feature; it serves to rise BOS service effectiveness.

Research suggests that such combined therapy is much more effective than both methods used separately.

Electromiostimulation (EMS) is a method of rehabilitation treatment, based on electrical stimulation of muscles and nerves, realized by electric current intensity effect with special characteristics of electromyostimulator (electrodes) used for a patient.

Main point of method is in effecting to problem zone by electrical stimulation with determined characteristics, that results:

  • Response muscle activity;
  • Increase neurility by electrical impulse, that activates the muscle;
  • Improve metabolic processes, relates to muscule functioning, including trophism;
  • Rises a muscle function regulation, reflected in cerebral cortex;
  • Regeneration accelerates damaged nerve;
  • Blood and lymph circulations in muscle improves.

Biofeedback trainer with electrical myostimulation function works in 2 options:

  • In the Biofeedback trainer option a patient can realize muscle exercises by Biofeedback (Biofeedback-training).
  • In the Electrotherapy option (with a help of stimulated electric impulses) is realized medical physiotherapeutic session by special programs.
All these functions are placed in a small portative device powered by 2 AA batteries or accumulators.

Biofeedback trainer

Biofeedback trainer mode is designed for individual therapeutic sessions of EMG-biofeedback training of paralyzed and weakened muscles (consequences of strokes, cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, nerve trunks and spinal cord injuries, facial neuritis, carriage disorder etc.).

A patient can have training sessions on his own, without a doctor. Before that it is advisable to get special instruction. At the same time the device is a doser of load and a mirror representing real contractions of trained muscles. Important point is that it is possible to detect invisible muscle contractions (when the patient has severe paralysis).

The device doesnt exert any active electric impact on the organism. On the contrary, it is a sensor which detects natural bioelectric muscle activity of the patient. This activity myogram is an equivalent of muscle contraction power.

Controlling it, the patient gets the possibility to train affected muscles in conditions of disturbed physiological connection between the muscle and the brain. Controlling the muscle contraction power, as well as when having therapeutic physical training session, the patient exercises strength abilities of the muscle and creates new reflex connection between paralyzed muscle and affected structure of the nervous system. This principle of getting the additional information about qualitative and quantitative characteristics of trained organ functional activity in real time is called biofeedback.

This method is used for optimal motor stereotype forming when solving problems of carriage correction and during kinesiotherapeutical action.


Electrotherapy mode is designed for myostimulation sessions for the purpose of muscle relaxation or activation according to the following programs:

  • Program 1. Relax-stimulation. Developed to relax spastic muscles. Is also used for diagnostic test stimulation, aimed to prevent neuromuscular irritability of affected muscles.
  • Program 2. Synapse stimulation. Used for synaptic apparatus activation of affected muscles with large degree of deviation caused by muscles distress as a result of neuritis or multiple neuritis, rehabilitation period after peripheral nerve traumas, of spine muscles functional overloading in back posture and vertebrogenic deseases.
  • Program 3. Dynamic modulation. Is provided as a program that potentiates predelivery intervention over muscles resistance for therapeutic intervention (long lasting rehabilitation activities, frequent electropathy ets.)
  • Program 4. Tonify program. Serve the purpose to stimulate dystrophic muscles (hyposthenic myoparesis).
  • Program 5. Suprafrequency modulation. Is provided for limb muscle spasticity and shorten muscles reduction. Also is used body posture defection and scoliosis treatment. Such stimulation is advisable before therapeutic exercises.
  • Program 6. Deep stimulation. Helps in stimulating deeper muscles and limb large sized muscles when it is dystrophic or acute paresis.

Complete set of device

A set of device includes:

  • Biofeedback trainer with miostimulation function;
  • Off-cable for electromiograme and stimulation registration;
  • Off electrodes (50 ps);
  • Service instruction;
  • Case.

Off-cable for electromiograme and stimulation registration is a three-wire cord, in length 1.2 meters, that has 3 ports for electrodes connection.

All the electrode ports are suitable for one-use myographic electrodes.

Performance characteristics

Biofeedback trainer
Input signal rangeFrom 3 uV
Bandwidth (at level -3dB)135 2000 Hz
Sampling rate4 kHz
ADC capacity10 bits
Myogram power scale 20 divisions
Scale typeLinear
Scale division value150 uV
Number of sound thresholds5
Electrostimulator typeCurrent
Current pulse amplitude0-50 mA
Current pulse duration100 us
Pulse trainUp to 10 times per second
Number of therapy programs7

Payment receipt form for individuals for MIST

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Delivery conditions

Guarantee period 12 months.

If necessary you can take part in organized group studies by Neirotechspecialists in Moscow, Taganrog or Pyatigorsk.

Delivery period for client 10 days from the day of payment or signing contract.