MRC Neurotech Products Prices

Unique Offers from Neurotech Company:

  • All equipment warranty is 3 years;
  • Delivery time is from 3 days (not more 10 days for the most complicated complexes);
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Immediate feedback and consultations about any question;
  • The opportunity of installment payment.

Unique Offers for Dealers:

  • Discounts from 15 to 30 %;
  • Projects protection and exclusive rights to participate in contests and review bids;
  • The anticipatory replacement mode during warranty time of exploitation;
  • The rights transfer for warranty and post-warranty technical serve of equipment with advanced instruction of engineering-technical personnel;
  • Temporary use providing of the produced equipment samples for familiarization and promotion.

Innovative developments and technology

Wireless electroencephalograph
Wireless 24-channel electroencephalograph price on demand
Wireless transducers
Wireless biofeedback complexprice on demand
Kinesiological system for sports medicineprice on demand
Automatic stimulator for motion correctionprice on demand
Portable wireless system of tremor analysisprice on demand
Dental complexprice on demand

Portable devices

Portable myographic analyzer for injection
Portable myographic analyzer for injectionprice on demand
Biofeedback-training instrument with electrical myostimulation function
Biofeedback trainer with electrical myostimulation functionprice on demand
Electromiostimulationprice on demand
Electromiostimulation with Biofeedback-trainer functionprice on demand

Systems of life quality improvement

Communication helper system
Communication helper system (communicator) for restrained patient "EyeHelper"price on demand

There is a possibility for our specialist arriving for setting and skills instructions for working with system on customers workplace. In this case it is necessary to pay for traveling expenses and specialists works.

If necessary the staff of Neurotech company organize the educational courses for working with products in Taganrog or Pyatigorsk.

The shipment term of equipment to customer is 3 days from the moment of payment or contracts conclusion.


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