Neurotech: about the company

Neurotech company came into the world in 1992 in Pyatigorsk. After 1993 all design and equipment production work has moved to Taganrog. In Taganrog, thanks to Taganrog State University of Radio Engineering, small group of young talented designers and programmers formed. At the present time the main juridical address of the company is situated in Taganrog.

Since the moment of appearance Neurotech company has been concentrating its activity on development and serial production of diagnostic and therapeutical medical devices and systems. The company lays stress on high quality and low price of products. This point became a motto of the company, and we succeed keeping minimal prices among all the producers of our country.

High quality of our products is achieved by use of new world developments in electronics and programming. It permits us to design advance technology universal units and blocks and easy-to-use multifunctional software. Also Neurotech company regularly carries out research in medicine and technology which makes it possible to constantly improve methodological base of our systems.

The Neurotech company is directed by scientists of South Federal University. Medical specialists of leading hospitals and clinics of Caucasian Mineral Waters and Moscow work in the company. Such cooperation of technology and medicine makes it possible to get easy-to-use and very reliable medical equipment.

We pay special attention to work with dealers and offer wide spectrum of services and mutually beneficial kinds of cooperation because our main task is expansion and progress of our production markets.

Unique offers from Neurotech company:

  • 3-year warranty for all equipment;
  • free delivery by post or carrier companies;
  • delivery period within 3 days (no more than 10 days even for complex systems);
  • individual approach to every client;
  • momentary feedback and consultations on any questions;
  • possibility of payment by installments

Unique offers for dealers:

  • discounts from 15 to 30%;
  • projects protection and exclusive rights on participation in competitions, consideration of quotation applications;
  • outrun replacement regime during warranty period;
  • transmission of rights on warranty and out-of-warranty maintenance with preliminary instruction of engineering personnel;
  • provision of equipment samples to temporary use for acquaintance and promotion.

Hundreds of users in Russian federation, in the near abroad and foreign countries were able to appreciate the results of our work at true value.

Gomel (Belarus)(1)
Kiev (Ukraine)(1)
Sukhumi (Abkhazia)(1)
Minsk (Belarus)(1)
Donetsk (Ukraine)(1)
Belgrade (Yugoslavia)(1)

Anapa (2)
Astrakhan (1)
Baba-Urt (Dagestan) (2)
Belgorod (2)
Blagoveshchensk (3)
Novgorod Greate(1)
Vladikavkaz (1)
Volgograd (1)
Vyatsk polyany (1)
Grozny (4)
Yekaterinburg (1)
Yessentuki (1)
Jukovsky (1)
Izhevsk (2)
Kazan (1)
Kaliningrad (2)
Kizil-Urt (Dagestan) (1)
Kislovodsk (4)
Kirov (1)
Krasnodar (1)
Kyrsk (1)
Korenovsk (1)
Lermontovo (1)
Lipetsk (1)
Makhachkala (4)
Mineral Vody (3)
Mozdock (2)
Moskow (7)
Nalchik (4)
Nerungri (1)
Novorossiysk (1)
Novosibirsk (1)
Nyagan (Hanti Mansi autonomous okrug) (1)
Octyabrski (1)
Orenburg (1)
Orel (1)
Penza (1)
Perm (1)
Pyatigorsk (3)
Rostov-on-Don (1)
Ryazan (2)
Saratov (1)
Smolensk (1)
Stavropol (2)
Syktyvkar (3)
Tver (2)
Tula (1)
Tyumen (1)
Ulianovsk (1)
Ufa (2)
Khabarovsk (2)
Cheboksary (1)
Chelyabinsk (1)
Chita (1)
Elista (1)
South-Sakhalinsk (1)
Yakutsk (3)